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Residential Care Systems

Whether it be a personnel assistance alarm for a day care centre, a security system for a Mental Health Trust hospital or a call system for a Residential Home for the elderly, Sierra can provide the closest match to the installation specification.

We recognise that within these areas very few installations can be the same but from its large range of in-house designed products, equipment can be easily selected to ensure that the installed system meets the unique requirements of the site or persons in care both reliably and economically.

With thousands of installations throughout the U.K. and the rest of Europe, Sierra equipment has proved its worth over the past twelve years, and we continue to improve and refine our products in the light of user feedback and experience.



Staff Call Systems


In a busy supermarket there are many occasions when staff, particularly at checkout positions and enquiry desks, require a rapid response to a query. Be it a pricing request, replacement goods or the need for more change at the till, all require a fast and effective response if the customer is not to be kept waiting.

Sierra has many years of experience in the design and supply of systems that provide for the fast and effective response to such situations and optimise the use of available staff and counts many nationally known companies as users of its products.

Systems can be easily tailored to individual requirements and can be interfaced to existing store communication systems.


At cashier positions, service desks and interview rooms, customers often raise queries that are best handled by specialist staff,

Sierra has in depth experience of providing call systems that can pass these enquiries to the pagers or telephones carried by staff members, rapidly, silently and effectively, wherever they may be in the branch.

Certain of these systems also provide a low level discrete security alarm function which can be of benefit when staff are dealing with customers in an enclosed environment such as an interview room.


With their labyrinthine layouts and distributed staff, libraries have presented ideal environments that have benefited from Sierra direct call systems.

Call units positioned at the enquiry desks can be used to rapidly locate or summon staff from wherever they may be in the building, silently giving details of the requirement and the location of the sender.




Restaurant Systems

Waiter Call

In a busy restaurant environment serving staff are constantly on the move catering for the needs of patrons and usually serving staff need to regularly check to ascertain if meals are ready or rely on bells or buzzers to indicate availability.

With the Sierra Call system each member of the serving staff can be silently paged by the kitchen staff when their patrons meals are available thus increasing the speed of service and eliminating wasted journeys. Customers receive a higher level of service and serving staff floor time is increased.

Table Management

By utilising the latest technology Sierra has produced a restaurant management system that allows the host to quickly contact waiting parties when a table becomes free.

Particularly suited to restaurants situated in shopping complexes, the system can increase table turns, 'no-shows' can be reduced and the use of public address announcements can be eliminated. Waiting customers are easily located and staff can give more accurate timing to their estimates of table availability.



Personnel Security

Room Wardens

Many of our national monuments, historic buildings and other sites open to the public, rely on volunteers for the immediate safety and security of both the visitors and the exhibits within their allocated areas.

Sierra has provided systems that allow easy and discrete calling for assistance to any situation that might develop.

By the use of radio as the means of call transmission, interference with the precious fabric of these sites is eliminated and installation is quick and easy to change.

Pool Alarms

All public pools as well as those incorporated into private health and leisure complexes require a means to summon assistance in the event of an emergency.

Sierra provides systems to suit all methods of ensuring public safety, from call units carried by life guards through to wall mounted emergency call points to trigger voice announcements to patrons.

Able to function in the harsh environment of a swimming pool, Sierra has a range of equipment specifically tailored to such use.