RW250 Large System Nurse Call


Designed for installation in a large Residential Home or Hospital, the Sierra RW250 Nurse Call system offers a comprehensive call system that meets the needs of staff, residents and patients in these busy environments. By merging both wired 'bus' and low power radio technology, the system provides a highly flexible and comprehensive range of equipment to cater for all likely patient needs.

Fixed call points can be wall mounted or integrated into existing bed head panels and can accept a range of inputs such as pull cords, pear pushes and movement sensors. Lightweight body worn pendants may be provided for mobile patients. All call point types provide automatic reporting of fault conditions in order to ensure system integrity.

A Central Controller carries all system information and provides outputs for radio paging, remote alphanumeric displays, DECT telephones and call traffic loggers.

If required the system can be integrated with the Sierra 'Wanderer' control system to monitor and warn if residents attempt to either enter or leave restricted areas.


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