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Addition to Bed Head Range

Slim-line Staff Call Released

New Pendant Release

Production Line Shutdown

Queue Analysis

Parking Assistance


Latest Addition to Bed Head Call Unit Range


Following extensive research into the current market requirements, Sierra has added a new variant to its popular range of wall mounting Bed Head transmitter units.


Incorporating many of the features requested, the units are available in either radio or wired versions and are fully compatible with existing systems.


With up to five separately identified patient call inputs for use in multi-bedded rooms and with optional wire free pear push inputs providing remote triggering, the units deliver a very flexible and cost effective system of patient call management.


With wipe clean surfaces, simple lines and flush fitting soft touch call keys, the units will blend easily into the contemporary care environment providing high reliability and simple user operation.







Slim-line Staff Call Console Released


With a footprint of only 120 x 65 mm, the new Staff Call console is completely compatible with the existing popular range of Sierra Staff Call products.


Like its larger brother it can page up to 8 individuals or groups with an associated message by a single key press.


Suitable for desk or wall mounting the unit provides an easy and effective means of contacting staff wherever they may be on the site.


Being battery powered there are no installation costs and units are simple to relocate as and when required. Battery life under normal operation is in excess of 12 months.






New Pendant Transmitter Release

The latest variant of the Sierra Pendant has just been launched into the Residential Care market.

Featuring a unique 'snatch-off' aerial and lanyard design, the new variant greatly reduces both the incidence of accidental aerial breakage and improves safety for the user.

Available in an IP65 sealed case, with large soft touch call activation button and concealed attendance call switch, the new unit offers an economic and reliable means for residents to call for assistance.

For the system operator, the benefit of lower maintenance costs and higher system reliability will be appreciated.



Production Line Shutdown

Sierra has recently provided a solution to a particular problem being experienced by a well known poultry processor.

Prior to installation of the Sierra equipment, the processing line could only be shut down by means of wall mounted switches and the brief delay incurred between identifying a problem and reaching the switch would mean the loss of a considerable number of birds.

By installing a special radio receiver linked into the processing line controller, it is now possible for any of the line operatives to instantly shut down the line by using their individual radio triggers.



Queue Analysis

We are all impatient when it comes to 'checkout time' as we complete our shopping and major retailers are continually seeking methods for reducing queuing times to customer acceptable levels.

To establish when queuing peaks and how many customers are involved, Sierra has just installed a queue analysis system to a major retailer which allows the continuous recording of these key parameters against time and checkout position.

The associated software package enables these patterns to be easily analysed in order to enable the store to more accurately predict when queue lengths might become a problem and so have the necessary staff at hand. Walk outs will be reduced and the customer shopping experience will be improved.



Parking Assistance

Have you ever found yourself in your car stuck behind a car park barrier that has just swallowed your ticket and then refused to open? Many of us have and there is never an attendant in sight to assist!

Sierra has recently provided a call system for integration into the barriers and ticketing machines of a large hospital car park. The system provides the means to call the attendant to the required spot from wherever they may be on the site.

Fitted to all barriers and ticketing machines, the system provides full coverage across this very large site, enabling parking attendants to both carry out security patrols whilst also being available to assist as and when required.