Wanderer Control


The Sierra Wanderer control system provides an economic means of monitoring residents and patients who, on occasion, might attempt to enter or leave restricted areas unsupervised thus exposing themselves to possible danger.

Normally it is only necessary for care staff to be alerted to where such an attempt is being made rather than who the 'at risk' resident is. The Sierra Wanderer system has been specifically developed to meet this simple requirement.

Access points are fitted with a special transceiver unit which detects and reports the presence of a small body-worn transmitter unit that is carried by the 'at risk' person or incorporated into their Sierra pendant. Care staff override units enable patients to be escorted past access points without triggering the alarm condition.

Integrating with its range of Nurse Call products, the Wanderer provides a means to report incidents to care staff via fixed alphanumeric displays, radio pagers or DECT phones.


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